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Frequently Asked Questions

The WordPress Development Retainer plan provides you with monthly dedicated development hours for website maintenance, making improvements, adding new features, executing marketing ideas and everything else that you need for your WordPress website.
The plan acts as an extension to your internal team and can be customised based on your needs. It could be 5 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours or as many hours as you need per month. With no lock-in contracts, you can work month-to-month with this WordPress Retainer plan.
If you need a reliable website development partner who can look after your website’s performance, security and technicalities on a regular basis and provide you with emergency support whenever you need it, the WordPress Retainer Plan is a great choice.

This is a totally flexible plan that you can customise according to your needs. You will be provided with a dedicated team headed by a Project Manager, a Quality Assurance Engineer, a Front-end Developer and a Back-end Developer – so, you can utilise the allocated hours every month for any kind of WordPress website-related tasks.
Some clients use the hours to build a new feature, create landing pages, improve technical SEO, develop website performance, build a plugin and more. We also recommend allocating a few hours for routine maintenance work like WordPress plugin updates, security monitoring, database optimisation and so on. However, your priorities are all up to you. Just talk to the team and they will help you carry out whatever you need.
You may also reach out to us if you have technical enquiries such as newsletter template development or any other website-related challenges.

Marketing services like SEO and PPC can be confusing. To make it clear, we are not marketing specialists and don’t have the expertise to help you with building a marketing or business strategy. However, if you have a strategy and need a reliable developer to execute that, we are the perfect fit for you.
We help you execute your marketing tactics like creating landing pages, making regular updates on your website to keep it up to date, adding new features, improving website functionality and performance, fixing technical SEO errors, website design, adding meta-tags and so on. We can also help you with any technical issues that are related to your website. But we don’t have the expertise to build a digital strategy and execute Google Ads, paid campaigns, off-page SEO, backlinking, PR, copywriting etc.

In terms of design, we are not UX/UI strategists and we can’t come up with strategies like conversion rate optimisation. However, if you have a clear content plan and you can provide us with a wireframe and structure with clear instructions, we have an in-house UI designer who can create website pages based on your branding and requirements.

The WordPress Development Retainer plan is a flexible plan to help you improve and update your website on a regular basis and align it with marketing campaigns. On the other hand, a Maintenance plan is more like a routine software update to keep your WordPress technology up to date, secure and running smoothly without any issues.
If you would like to update your website with new information, add new pages, run ads with landing pages or add new features from time to time, you need the WordPress Retainer Plan.
However, if you are just looking for someone to keep an eye on the website and make sure it’s running smoothly without issues, the WordPress Maintenance Plan is the right choice.

The WordPress Maintenance Plan allows you to make sure that your website is running without any issues 24/7 and ensure the plugins and themes are up to date. It also equips you with regular security monitoring to prevent hacking and unauthorised access.
The WordPress Maintenance Plan includes:

Monthly updates of WordPress core, themes, and plugins
Priority phone and email support
Regular security check and performance monitoring
Website functionality monitoring
Scheduled off-site backups (stored for 30 days)
Spam filtering and cleansing
Database optimisation
Finding and fixing 404 errors and broken links

We charge a 100% upfront payment for your monthly Retainer and Maintenance plans. For one-off custom development work, we charge 50% upfront payment and 50% once the website is completed, but before going live.

There is no lock-in contract for the monthly plans. However, a 30-day notice is required for cancellation so we can plan out our team’s resources and complete the regular work we have planned.

Our office is open from 9 am to 6 pm. Our development team is based in Kathmandu, Nepal, who work from 10 am to 7 pm Sydney time. Once you sign up with us, we will assign you a Project Manager and you will have access to their calendar and contact details, so you can speak during business hours and book a Zoom call when required.

We also use a Trello board and internal ticketing system that is helpful to communicate and get organized with ongoing tasks and priorities. This allows you to easily monitor the progress of your tasks and interact with the team at any time.

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